Jewellery Party – How To Write And Present Perfect Invitations To Your Party

Are you currently planning to organize a jewellery party because you would like to launch or build your jewellery business? Then make sure that the invitations are written and presented perfectly. Bear in mind that the number of guests that will come to party will mainly depend on the way you write the invitations.

If you don’t have any idea on how to draft the perfect jewellery party invitations, check out this article.

To start, you need to prepare the materials and equipment, such as using a high quality printer, high-grade paper and suitable postage. In drafting the invitations, make sure that they are short and direct to the point. But of course, don’t forget about the design. Once completed, set the printer on the printing selection for the type of paper you’re using. Make sure that the font style and text are clear and distinct in order for the invitation to deliver a clear and concise message.

As well as posting invitations, extra ones can be handed out in person to your friends at clubs, work, church and any other places you meet up with friends. If you are a member of a certain organization, you should also invite the other members.

You should include specifics such as the time, venue and date of the party. To make this information so it is easily seen, highlight it.

If you have a jewellery website, don’t forget to provide its link. By doing this, the potential guest will be given a chance to check out the jewellery you offer for quality, style and design prior to accepting your invitation.

You should also request an RSVP and provide the hostess’ number. If you do not receive an RSVP, follow up with a personal invitation and a phone call. Put an emphasis on how fun it is to get together with other ladies and shop for great jewellery.

In the invitation, you need to mention the jewellery prizes that will be given out at the jewellery party. To entice the potential guests and attendees, you can provide pictures of some of the prizes, if that’s possible. There must also be other incentives with the invitation such as the chance to pick a desired piece of jewellery from the gift bag for anyone who was able to bring a guest. This will surely provide the motivation for each guest to bring a friend along. Incentives should also be included for becoming a hostess. Clearly emphasize the importance of earning money in the comfort of their home through something that really interests them – wearing jewellery.

In addition, don’t forget to include any payment options. Be very clear and specific about the use of debit and credit cards. For example, you should list those that are accepted.

Another excellent tip, is to have a reminder on the invitation about marking the party’s date on their calendar.

On the day of the party, make a reminder call to follow up on the invitation. This is also the perfect time to encourage the invitee to bring a friend.

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