Can an Automated Webinar Presentation Really Bring In $25,000 in Extra Sales?

Can an automated webinar presentation – run weekly – really bring in an extra $25,000 in sales you otherwise might have totally missed? You bet… and $25,000 is on the conservative side, depending on the scale of your business.

So what is it?

An automated webinar presentation consists of prerecording a webinar, and then setting time sequence parameters to have it run automatically. The benefit to doing it this way, as opposed to the traditional way of airing webinars, is that the host doesn’t have to physically run the webinar. You can simply automate the entire process using modern webinar hosting tools.

Many marketers are apprehensive about using this technology because the event may come across as being prerecorded. On the contrary, an automated webinar presentation can be fine-tuned to look and feel extremely genuine – in terms of appearing live. There are a number of techniques that can be utilized to give the presentation a “real-time” feel, which doesn’t come across as being contrived (prerecorded).

Many online marketers have already embraced the idea of using webinar prerecords and have put them into their sales funnels. What this means is that once they get a new opt in, an email sequence starts running immediately, inviting the sales leads straight to these promotional webinar events. Once there, the viewers are offered additional products and services – leading to higher sales conversion and increased revenues.

Marketers who have not yet embraced the science of the automated webinar presentation may want to reconsider. As the online market grows, increasing time demands are continually being placed on marketers to better manage their prospects. Automating sales funnels, along with webinars, is providing many of the solutions. Not to mention, it frees up time for entrepreneurs to develop future business ideas, instead of having them manage remedial tasks.

Automated webinar presentations offer their greatest benefit because they need to be setup once. Beyond that point these events will run automatically without the further need for intervention, or maintenance. The first step in developing automated webinars is to find a quality webinar hosting service provider. Although a handful of these exist, finding the right one does require some serious consideration. There are good ones out there, if you know what to look for.

To recap, an automated webinar presentation can give you a competitive edge, while simultaneously freeing up your time to focus more on other marketing efforts. These prerecorded webinars can be produced at your leisure, and with focused messaging in mind. Once set-up, they never have to be adjusted again. The possibilities become endless as new webinars are created to compliment older ones – all running in perfect harmony. They can each be configured to run any time of the week, all based on your sale funnel’s parameters. There isn’t much that can’t be done with this new and innovative technology.

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