Article 3 – Video Marketing – How to Record Your PowerPoint Presentation and Make a Killer Video

This is my third article in my video marketing series. The first article discussed the script, the second discussed putting the script into a slide show program like Microsoft PowerPoint and this article is going to discuss how to record your Power Point presentation and make a Killer Video.

Step 1 – Voice Over- One Of The Keys To More Sales

If this process is new to you, it may take a while for you to become comfortable with speaking into a mic. After you get you slide show ready, it is important that you practice reading through the script while clicking through the slides. Getting proficient with the timing of the reading along with the slides is critical for the video to look professional. Hearing the benefits as the slides go by adds emotion and emotion equals sales. There is a powerful relationship between what is said and what is seen, kinda like show and tell. Pretend that you are having a conversation with your best friend. The KEY to the voice over aspect of the video is to have a natural conversation.

Step 2 – Choosing The Right Screen Recorder

You now have your Power Point presentation and have practiced reading your script, you now need to find a screen recorder program like Camtasia or CamStudio. CamStudio is free but I found it more difficult to use. Camtasia cost $299.00 but there is a 30-day free trial available. During that 30-day period, you should be able to get several videos built. Camtasia also has excellent tutorials for you to watch. There are several videos that are available for you to watch before you sign up for your 30-day trial. I strongly recommend that your watch the free videos before signing up so you can get right to creating your video once you get the free trial.

Once you get your Power Point presentation into Camtasia, go to file, record slide show. Plug in your microphone and hit record. Again, if you are new, it will probably take you a few takes to get the right “feel” for the video. Remember, the more natural you are, the better the video. The process of recording your video is going to take a little while to master. Spend extra time on this step, and don’t take any short cuts. This is key to making a Killer Video.

My next, and last, article is going to be titled “Article 4 – Video Marketing – How To Get Traffic To Your Video And Make Insane Amounts Of Money.

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